“How about...” Cosmo leaned forward, twiddling with his moustache. “How about, if you win the joust, I’ll give you my new holiday home. Hey, I’ll throw in the whole island, how about that?”
“Sounds good to me,” the king replied.
“And if I win,” Cosmo went on, “you give me this castle.”
“What?” Jake cried. “You can’t say that! This is our home!”
“Nick,” the queen said, turning to the king with a nervous light in her eyes. “Don’t say anything you might regret…”
But the king was already stretching his arm across the table and shaking Cosmo’s hand. “Done,” he slurred. “It’s a deal.”
Jake, Petunia, Ned and the queen all stared at each other in horror. “We are so going to be homeless!” Petunia hissed.