King Nicholas turned to Jake expectantly. “And Jake. How about you? What treats have you got lined up for your mother’s birthday tomorrow?”
Jake felt a stab of guilt. Uh-oh. Mum’s birthday was tomorrow? Why hadn’t anybody reminded him?
The king leaned a little closer, his eyes twinkling. “We can always count on you for something really special, I know. The karaoke machine last Christmas, and the giant squid to go in the royal lake for her last birthday… very original, Jake!”
There was a swift tip-tapping of footsteps just then, and the King peeped out from behind the wall-hanging. “Here she comes!” he hissed.
Jake, Ned, Petunia and the King all huddled under the musty tapestry while the Queen walked through the hall. Jake’s mind was racing. Yikes. Mum’s birthday. He was going to be in big trouble if he didn’t give her a present. What was he going to get her?