“So where’s the sword now?” Jake asked. “Where’s Deathblade?”
Ms Prudence gave a rare smile. “That’s the big question, your Highness,” she said. “Nobody knows. It was said, long ago, that King Samuel hid it in the throne room. Some even said that he had a secret hiding place specially made for it, a place which was almost impossible for anyone to find. But we may never know the truth.”
Jake’s mouth fell open at her words. Deathblade, in the throne room? A secret hiding place? Hadn’t he, Jake, seen for himself that there was something strange about the king’s throne when he’d been in there yesterday?
He thought hard, his skin prickling with excitement. Maybe that rumbling sound, that grating he’d heard, had been some kind of mechanism he’d triggered. Maybe he, Prince Jake, had stumbled upon Deathblade’s secret hiding place!